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Breakfast - Breakfast

Huskey's Way Breakfast Sampler


Scrambled cage-free eggs, smoked beef sausage, beef brisket sauteed in onions and bell peppers, 
apple-wood smoked bacon, breakfast potatoes, parmesan grits, and toast. 

Sampler no items:No Bacon No Beef Sausage No Beef Brisket No Seasoned Potatoes No parmesan grits
Egg Style (Select 1):Scrambled Scrambled with Cheese +$1Over Easy Over Medium Over Hard Sunny-Side Up Egg Whites +$2No Eggs
Substitutes (DO NOT SELECT IF YOU ARE NOT SUBSTITUTING AN ITEM):Seasoned Potatoes side sub +$2Shrimp and Grits side sub +$3Parmesan grits side sub +$2Fresh Fruit side sub +$2Pork Bacon side sub +$2Turkey Bacon side sub +$2.50Fried Plantain side sub +$2Egg side sub +$2Cheese eggs side sub +$3

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